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Loss Control

As an added benefit of being a member of CLA Insurance, you can access a wealth of information that will help to make your laundry safer and prevent claims against your business. This area contains industry definitions, report forms and articles written by experts in the insurance industry.

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When you become a CLA Insurance client or Coin Laundry Association member, you will have access to articles in the Educational Library on the following topics.

  • Builder’s Risk Coverage
  • Changer Claims
  • Controlling Dryer Fires
  • Dryer Installation and Maintenance
  • Keep the Laundry Safe – From the Start
  • Laundry Furnishings: How Safe is Your Store?
  • Liability Incident Claim Form (PDF)
  • Liability Claims: What You Should Know
  • Personal Property of Others (Bailee): Customer Goods Insurance
  • Planning for the Unexpected
  • Preparing for Hurricane Season
  • Reducing Slip, Trip and Fall Claims
  • Risk Survey
  • Safety with Every Step
  • Six Savvy Questions about Insurance
  • Spontaneous Combustion: The Invisible Danger
  • Your Silent Witness
  • Steps for Keeping Everyone Happy

Workers' Comp

Worker's Comp

Be sure to have workers' compensation coverage for your attendants and other employees.

Property & Liability

Property & Liability Insurance

If you are a laundromat owner, you need the best property and liability coverage possible to protect your investment.

Before You Buy Insurance...

7 Things Missing from Your Insurance

Before you decide, discover 7 important coverages you may be missing in other insurance policies with this report.